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Is this the world’s best and simplest random picker? Well. The best from Sweden? Well. Perhaps.

This is mostly because RanomPickr never lies or is deceiving. Some people do not think that coincidence or chance exists at all, but RanomPickr is right HERE to give you true randomness. Randomness made by computers but still…

My suggestion to you is to test RandomPickr immediately. Ask a question and let chance answer Yes or No. Why not let Coincidence decide all your choices for an entire day? Maybe it will be the best and most interesting day ever?

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You might want to ask chance if you will win the lottery tonight?

  • Should I call Lisa?
  • Shall I go to bed at 21 tonight?
  • Will I be over 90 years old?
  • Is this project the right way to learn Javascript?
  • Will my bus arrive on time tomorrow?
  • Should I buy an electric car?
  • Will there be nice weather in June?
Please consider this!

Whatever you want to ask RandomPickr, you must be aware of this; if the answer to the question includes something YOU can influence, RandomPickr will get quite angry if you do not do as she says!

Can Randompickr really help you? Well, the answer is yes!
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